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  • Labor’s Confused “Workplace Democracy”

    Posted on Oct 13, 2015 by Team

    The Employee Rights Act (ERA) has kicked off a long-overdue debate over the future of labor policy in America’s 21st Century labor force. Labor and the radical unionist far left have now responded, with two proposals to force more employees to become dues-paying union members. This week, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont (an ally of […]

  • Proposed Management Reporting Rule a Costly Gift to Union Bosses

    Posted on Apr 23, 2013 by Center for Union Facts

    The Obama Administration has made no secret of its efforts to stall the decline in union memberships not by reforming unions but by curtailing employee and management rights. The Department of Labor alone has reduced union transparency by abolishing certain reporting requirements and cut the number of investigations into union financial impropriety. Former Secretary of […]

  • Workers Centers: Labor Organizations That Aren’t “Labor Organizations”?

    Posted on Mar 28, 2013 by Center for Union Facts

    Organized labor knows that employees are leaving it in droves. That shouldn’t be surprising: A history of corruption, forcing employees to pay up for political causes with which they don’t agree, and driving companies into bankruptcy (and employees onto the unemployment line) with unreasonable demands should all be warning signs that unions aren’t the way […]

  • Look for our Super Bowl Ad: Time To Flush Labor Union Intimidation

    Posted on Feb 03, 2013 by Center for Union Facts

    Labor unions long to end the secret ballot. The Employee Rights Act (ERA) would sack them before that bad idea gets out of the pocket. The ERA guarantees employees’ right to a secret ballot vote. That’s because voting — like some other things — should be done in private. Super Bowl viewers will learn more about that on Sunday when they see the […]

  • Labor’s Hatred of Democracy In Action

    Posted on Jan 11, 2013 by Center for Union Facts

    As members of Congress, state legislatures, and the President of the United States are sworn into office, we’re reminded of our American democratic ideals. Unfortunately, many union members don’t get the chance to celebrate democracy thanks to a unionization procedure known as “card check.” Take Karen Cox and her coworkers at Americold Logistics, who are only the latest […]

  • News Roundup: Labor Laughs Off Civility

    Posted on Jan 09, 2013 by Center for Union Facts

    Illinois Labor Crowd Finds Decapitation Hilarious Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis was a big hit at the Illinois Labor History Society. As the keynote speaker at the Society’s “Salute to Labor’s Historic Heroes from the History Makers of Today” event, Lewis recalled the labor days of yore by saying, “[W]e are in a moment where the wealth disparity in this […]

  • Votes for Some

    Posted on Jun 25, 2012 by Center for Union Facts

    The Communication Workers of America (CWA) is in an ongoing dispute with bankrupt American Airlines over an attempt to unionize the struggling carrier’s passenger service agents. Under National Mediation Board (NMB) rules—as an air carrier, American’s labor rules are set by the Railway Labor Act — 50 percent of the agents must sign a statement […]

  • Jeff Merkley: Supporting the Right to a Private Ballot (Except for Working Men and Women)

    Posted on Sep 22, 2008 by Oregonians for Employee Freedom

    There’s an interesting post about the Employee Free Choice Act on American Thinker that was just posted today. In it, we are reminded that “According to Big Labor’s logic, employees can only have a “free choice” when union officials stand over them and pressure them to sign the cards.   Employees who have been subjected to […]