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Archive: Nov 2010

  • Crossing a picket line = Treason!

    Posted on Nov 22, 2010 by Center for Union Facts

    David Macaray is no lunatic screaming on the street corner. He’s a former nine-term president of the Association of Western Pulp and Paper Workers Local 672. He’s a labor commentator with a published a collection of essays to his credit. He’s also not a big fan of “scabs,” as he defines them: While you occasionally […]

  • Will Democrats Cave to UNITE HERE’s Demands?

    Posted on Nov 18, 2010 by Center for Union Facts

    Last week, the labor union UNITE HERE, which represents mostly service workers, issued a demand to the Democratic Party. UNITE HERE wanted Cleveland and Charlotte, N.C., two of the sites being considered for the 2012 Democratic National Convention, ruled out because the cities didn’t have enough unionized hotels. While the demand seems rather comical to […]

  • Exonerated: Andy Stern Wasn’t the Most Frequent White House Visitor!

    Posted on Nov 17, 2010 by Center for Union Facts

    According to analyses of the White House visitor logs released last year, former SEIU president Andy Stern was the most frequent visitor to the White House. This fact was repeated often by many SEIU critics, who wondered why Stern was spending so much time in Washington instead of addressing the concerns of his workers. Well […]

  • Doing it for the kids?

    Posted on by Sonny Bunch

    The leaders of teachers unions often say that they want to help kids. Somehow, they’re just looking out for the young ones by blocking reforms like merit pay and changes to tenure. And by putting $25 million in federal funding at risk because they don’t want to work a full week: That announcement was made […]

  • Maid Service from UNITE HERE

    Posted on Nov 16, 2010 by Center for Union Facts

    Last year, the UNITE HERE union, which consists mostly of service workers, reunited with the AFL-CIO. So it’s probably not surprising that UNITE HERE has been using hardball tactics that seem downright…Trumka-esque. While most unions might file a single complaint, UNITE HERE likes to shoot a little higher. Union-represented housekeepers filed injury complaints against Hyatt […]

  • Union War Over Healthcare Workers Wears On

    Posted on Nov 11, 2010 by Center for Union Facts

    Sal Rosselli is the gift that keeps on giving. When Rosselli broke away from the SEIU and formed the National Union of Healthcare Workers, we could not have imagined just how many headaches he would cause for Andy Stern and Mary Kay Henry. Now, roughly a month after the NUHW¬†lost a battle with the SEIU […]

  • Quickie elections could quickly become a nightmare

    Posted on Nov 10, 2010 by Center for Union Facts

    With the Employee Free Choice Act off the table, unions are looking for another way to tip the scales in their favor. Enter the so-called “quickie election.”¬†Rather than implementing card check, the NLRB could shorten the amount of time between workers submitting a union petition and the election over unionization. Currently the median amount of […]

  • Cognitive Dissonance

    Posted on Nov 09, 2010 by Sonny Bunch

    Cognitive dissonance is the holding of two diametrically opposed ideas at the same time and believing both of them equally. I think of this phrase often when confronted by the demands of teachers unions. On the one hand, the unions believe that teachers are incredibly important to the development of children — that they are […]