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Archive: May 2007

  • Another $1 Million of UFCW Money Down the Boob Tube

    Posted on May 31, 2007 by Bret Jacobson

    As part of their never-ending anti-corporate campaign against Wal-Mart, those wascally wabits at UFCW have announced they’re going to spend a cool million in TV ads accusing the company of … wait for it … doing business with China. I reckon these ads will do just about as much good as the million bucks UFCW […]

  • In The News …

    Posted on by Bret Jacobson

    Union officials are hoping to hit the jackpot by organizing new members at a major Connecticut casino Teamsters president James Hoffa finally notices that Michigan is “going down” SEIU may not be co-op-erating in New York City SEIU has hired a lobbyist for healthcare issues Among others, an airline pilot is suing his union for […]

  • Pro-EFCA Blogger Doing it for the AFL

    Posted on by Bret Jacobson

    We told you recently about some misstatements from blogger Chicago Carless, who’s pushing the mischieviously misnamed “Employee Free Choice Act,” which would end secret ballots for working Americans who are deciding whether to join a union. It turns out there’s a little more to the story, with another blogger dropping an interesting statement in his […]

  • Dues Abuse: “The way the union is run my co-workers feel powerless”

    Posted on by Bret Jacobson

    Labor Notes is a great resource for anyone concerned with where the labor movement is headed. Earlier this year they had a great piece on bloated salaries for union officials. Now they’ve analyzed the dues structure of 15 major unions in 2004, and — to no one’s surprise — the cash is rolling in! The […]

  • UAW Knows True Meaning of Charity

    Posted on May 30, 2007 by Bret Jacobson

    The bosses at the United Auto Workers really know how to polish their public image, don’t they? As their national leaders watch members slip away like sand through an hourglass, Pennsylvania officials are proving that charity doesn’t start at home. In Allentown, the local UAW chiefs have decided that they are dropping their participation in […]

  • “Raynor, by the way, was elected by a secret ballot vote”

    Posted on by Bret Jacobson

    The Boston Globe‘s Steve Bailey weighs in against ending secret ballots for working Americans: Labor has also made its war on the secret ballot among its top priorities in Congress. In March, Democrats in the US House passed the cynically named Employee Free Choice Act, which would do in the private sector what the Massachusetts […]

  • “Mr. Stern mainly wants one thing: more members”

    Posted on by Bret Jacobson

    The Wall Street Journal‘s Alan Murray has a great column this morning shedding some light on the motivations and machinations of SEIU president Andy Stern, who “may be the most perceptive, peripatetic and puzzling labor leader in the world today.” There’s plenty of important information to glean from the article if you want to understand […]

  • UFCW to Members: “we can and will retaliate”

    Posted on by Bret Jacobson

    Call it what you like: clear, concise … maniacal. We just came across a letter (predating the Center for Union Facts’ existence) illustrating how UFCW officials view their members. Described by labor reformers this Sunday as “recent,” it carries the signature of UFCW 324 president Greg Conger, who has been mentioned on our blog before […]