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  • Labor Racket Weekly: Sad Start to 2018

    Posted on Jan 31, 2018 by Team

    The first month of 2018 is coming to an end, and it was an embarrassing one for Big Labor. The Labor Department chronicled numerous union corruption stories in January. Read them all below: On January 18th, 2018, in the United States District Court for the District of Rhode Island, Richard D’Antuono, former Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer of […]

  • Big Labor’s Corruption Crisis

    Posted on Jan 23, 2018 by Team

    In union America, corruption is par for the course. At least, that’s what a Detroit Free Press investigation into union embezzlement recently revealed. In the last two years alone, more than 300 union locations around the country have discovered theft. Two United Auto Workers (UAW) incidents uncovered in 2017—one in Michigan and another in New Jersey—exceed the […]

  • UPDATED: Female Ford Employees Speak Out Against The UAW

    Posted on Jan 19, 2018 by Team

    The hits keep coming for the United Auto Workers union. In late December, the New York Times published a story exposing the culture of sexual harassment at a UAW-represented Ford plant in Chicago. Subsequently, the Center for Union Facts produced a video featuring female employees at that plant, who described the disgusting behaviors they had […]

  • Big Labor Sends $1 Billion to the Left—Without Prior Approval

    Posted on Jan 18, 2018 by Team

    New research from the Center for Union Facts shows that, from 2010 to 2016, labor unions sent more than $1.1 billion in member dues to anti-Republican advocacy groups—without prior member approval. It is the most comprehensive analysis of union advocacy spending ever done. The Clinton Foundation, Democratic Governors Association, and Planned Parenthood featured prominently, even though 40 percent of union household members vote Republican […]

  • CIW Breaks Bread With Socialist Political Group

    Posted on Jan 11, 2018 by Team

    If you are the company you keep, then consider the latest associates of the worker center known as the Coalition of Immokalee Workers. Yesterday, CIW took part in a meeting hosted by the Tampa chapter of Democratic Socialists of America. DSA advocates “democratic socialism” in America and wants to overthrow our free-market economic system—even putting […]

  • Labor Racket Weekly: A Few December Doozies

    Posted on Jan 02, 2018 by Team

    It’s a new year. With it comes a new opportunity to review the Labor Department’s rundown of Big Labor’s recent follies. Here’s the worst of the worst from December: On December 15th, 2017, in the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania, Marianne Rodacy, former Financial-Recording Secretary of United Steelworkers Local 10-53-G (located […]