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Archive: Jun 2008

  • EFCA: Southern Florida AFL-CIO Litmus Test

    Posted on Jun 30, 2008 by Tracie Gibler

    The AFL-CIO branch in Southern Florida has made its endorsements for this political cycle and there are few surprises. What is disturbing to learn is the group’s #1 selection criteria: the deceptively-named Employee Free Choice Act. Deborah Dion, the union’s political director, said the endorsements are made on the basis of issues, not party affiliations. […]

  • Who is keeping Maine’s Representatives in the dark?

    Posted on by Mainers for Employee Freedom

    When are Maine’s Democratic candidates going to get it? The secret was let out on this site that the average Mainer opposes corrupt tactics also known as a “card-check” as a fair way to unionize at work. Ninety-two percent believe it is a worker’s right to have a private vote. Apparently, Maine’s Democratic candidates still […]

  • Fighting Fire with Fire

    Posted on Jun 26, 2008 by Tracie Gibler

    In a previous post, I wrote about unions using litigation as a scare tactic against employers during union organization campaigns. Smithfield Foods, a North Carolina corporation currently engaged in litigation against the United Food and Commercial Workers union, is pushing back against the union’s (anti-)corporate campaign. A federal court has refused to dismiss Smithfield’s RICO […]

  • There They Go Again

    Posted on Jun 25, 2008 by Minnesotans for Employee Freedom

    [youtube][/youtube] Democrat Elwyn Tinklenberg, 6th District Congressional Candidate, has joined the Al Franken bandwagon. On EFCA, Tinklenberg is using the same “intimidation” fig leaf to cover up the same dirty little secret: They are doing the bidding of the Washington union special interests at the expense of Minnesota workers. It’s not hard to figure out […]

  • Great Analysis from a Great Economist

    Posted on Jun 24, 2008 by Minnesotans for Employee Freedom

    King Banaian, Professor of Economics at St. Cloud State University and Minnesotans for Employee Freedom Steering Committee member, penned this terrrific piece on EFCA.  Dr. Banaian, as a trained economist, has particularly keen insights about the harmful effect of EFCA. One non-economic point he made stood out: Coercion in voting should offend us all; we watch […]

  • Commies endorse EFCA

    Posted on by Tracie Gibler

    In case there was any doubt that stripping workers of their right to a private ballot on the job is a dangerously radical infringement on democratic rights, the chair of the Communist Party USA Political Action Committee has come out in support of the legislation. She cites AFL-CIO Executive VP Arlene Holt Baker as saying: […]

  • Declaration of Dependence

    Posted on Jun 23, 2008 by Minnesotans for Employee Freedom

    Though Democrat Elwyn Tinklenberg just won the endorsement of the political insiders of the Independence Party in his run for Congress, he sure hasn’t shown any independence when it comes to the real issues facing Minnesota’s 6th Congressional district voters. Take, for example, his position on the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA). Under EFCA, the right to a […]

  • Employers Getting in the Way of an Organizing Campaign? Sue ’em!

    Posted on by Tracie Gibler

    As if our court system isn’t backlogged enough, some union organizers are using litigation as a scare tactic against employers in union organizing campaigns. Even when the case against an employer has no merit, the damage to employers has been done: In many cases, the union withdraws a lawsuit before any decision on the merits […]