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Archive: Jun 2010

  • Gasp! White House’s Patrick Gaspard forgot I.O.U. from S.E.I.U.

    Posted on Jun 29, 2010 by J. Justin Wilson

    This is quite embarrassing. From Politico: President Barack Obama’s political director failed to disclose that he was slated to receive a nearly $40,000 payout from a large labor union while he was working in the White House. Patrick Gaspard, who served as the political director for the Service Employees International Union local 1199, received $37,071.46 […]

  • Teamsters release rats as contracts plagued, refuse to pay the piper

    Posted on Jun 28, 2010 by J. Justin Wilson

    This falls under the “You can’t make this stuff up” catagory. From the Detroit Free Press: City officials said that as many as a dozen rats were set loose in the [Yonkers] City Council chambers on Tuesday night, when union workers showed up to protest looming layoffs – a showdown that ultimately included expletive-filled taunts […]

  • Time waits for no man, Teamsters wait on no man

    Posted on Jun 24, 2010 by J. Justin Wilson

    The Teamsters are contemplating a strike at funeral homes in Chicago, and I wish the good people of Chicago well. From the Chicago Sun Times: The Teamsters and a funeral home chain are coming down to the wire in contract negotiations, raising the specter of a strike by funeral directors and drivers at 17 Chicago-area […]

  • Quoi? Andy Stern officially in the pocket of “Big, Bad Pharma”

    Posted on Jun 23, 2010 by J. Justin Wilson

    I actually thought this was a joke when I first saw it. Andy Stern has finally seen the cash and perhaps seen …the light?  He’s apparantly decided to bury the hatchet with an entire industry, and help sell antidotes for biological weapons to the Department of Defense. Again, let me repeat, this is not a joke. From the […]

  • SEIU and AFSCME:”Free Choice” for unions only, not taxpayers

    Posted on by J. Justin Wilson

    While unions will not let their hopes and dreams for the Employee Free Choice Act, or EFCA, go, arguing for the “freest and fairest elections,” they seem quite content to deny taxpayers (the ones footing the bill) the ability to vote on pension reforms. I guess fairness isn’t what EFCA was about after all. From […]

  • SCOTUS invalidates 500+ National Labor Relations Board decisions

    Posted on Jun 17, 2010 by J. Justin Wilson

    From ABCNews: “More than 500 decisions by the leading federal agency that referees disputes between labor and management will have to be reopened after the Supreme Court ruled Thursday that the five-member board had operated illegally when its membership dwindled to two. The high court, in a 5-4 ruling in which the court’s leading liberal […]

  • Union boss finds out hookers and food aren’t cheap, bankrupts local

    Posted on by J. Justin Wilson

    You cannot make up stories like this. Not if you try, and not in a thousand years. From the New York Post: A married, obese former president of a Port Authority union admitted yesterday in court to embezzling nearly $300,000 in member dues and using the cash for tawdry hook-ups with prostitutes, casino trips and […]

  • New Jersey doesn’t trust teachers unions

    Posted on by Sonny Bunch

    Quinnipiac has released a new poll about the state of play in New Jersey, where new governor Chris Christie is attempting to fix the state’s budget gaps and bring the powerful public sector unions in line. Though the public has a mixed opinion of him overall — 44% describe Gov. Christie as a “leader,” while […]