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Archive: Jul 2009

  • Binding Arbitration Is Now Front And Center

    Posted on Jul 30, 2009 by J. Justin Wilson

    Card check may have been dropped from the so-called Employee Free Choice Act, but binding arbitration still lingers and it’s just as devastating as the effective elimination of the secret ballot. Binding arbitration would allow a federal bureaucrat to dictate the terms of how a company should be run if the employer and a union […]

  • Priest Demands SEIU To Stop Its Fight With UNITE HERE

    Posted on by J. Justin Wilson

    Continuing our coverage of the SEIU-UNITE HERE war, here are a few excerpts from a letter written by a retired priest who has been involved with SEIU’s organizing efforts. Rev. Raymond G. Decker, who also happens to have a Ph.D., blasts the SEIU for its actions against UNITE HERE: In recent months, I have been […]

  • CA Chamber of Commerce Opposes EFCA “Compromise”

    Posted on by J. Justin Wilson

    The focus on binding arbitration continues with an op-ed by the California Chamber of Commerce outlining its opposition to the supposed ‘compromise’ on EFCA. CalChamber expressed specific concern with having less communication time in light of possible “quickie” elections replacing card check: The CalChamber is pointing out that the ability for employers to communicate directly […]

  • UAW A No Show At Detroit Bailout Hearing

    Posted on Jul 28, 2009 by J. Justin Wilson

    The United Auto Workers did not appear before a congressional oversight panel, drawing the ire of  Rep. Jeb Hensnarling (R-Texas). The panel, which is in charge of reviewing how TARP funds have been spent to bailout General Motors and Chrysler, heard testimony from Ron Bloom, the head of the White House auto task force. Hensnarling […]

  • Forbes: Binding arbitration is bad for workers

    Posted on by J. Justin Wilson

    Steve Forbes has an op-ed in today’s Politico discussing how an EFCA without card check is still not a viable option for both small business owners and employees. Forbes points out that the so-called compromise of “quickie” elections unfairly favors union organizers: Quicker elections give union bosses the opportunity to lobby workers — in many […]

  • The Wall Street Journal Slams Union Pensions

    Posted on Jul 27, 2009 by J. Justin Wilson

    One of the less reported reasons why unions have been desperate to pass EFCA is because of their underfunded pensions. Changing the rules to facilitate union organization efforts would yield them more dues-paying members to prop up their fledgling pension plans. The Wall Street Journal takes the union pensions plans to task for their inadequate […]

  • Current State of EFCA

    Posted on by J. Justin Wilson

    The Press-Enterprise of Riverside, CA ran an article summarizing the current state of EFCA over the weekend. The most recent reports indicate that a compromise would drop card check, but may include other provisions that would speed up elections and give union organizers more access to company property and employees. Binding arbitration continues to remain […]

  • Will Obama Cross Police Unions’ Picket Line To Go On Vacation?

    Posted on Jul 24, 2009 by J. Justin Wilson

    I’m not going to take sides here as to who was right or wrong on the arrest incident, but the police unions’ criticism of President Obama’s remarks raised an interesting question. Police nationwide are reeling from President Obama’s televised reprimand of Cambridge cops for “acting stupidly” in the arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates […]