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Archive: Aug 2013

  • CUF Lifts the Veil on Pseudo-Union Worker Centers

    Posted on Aug 30, 2013 by Team

    Our Executive Director Richard Berman recently wrote opinion pieces for the Providence Journal and Deseret News profiling misleading union front groups known as “worker centers.” As we’ve said before, worker centers are not your friendly neighborhood employee organizations, but rather unions in disguise. In the article, Berman notes the “differences” (or lack thereof) between unions […]

  • New Research: Unions Behind Fast Food Strikes Peg Contracts to Minimum Wage Hikes

    Posted on Aug 28, 2013 by Team

    Today, the Center for Union Facts released new research showing that many Service Employee International Union collective bargaining agreements link union-negotiated wages to federal and state minimum wages. This research coincides with today’s nationwide fast food strikes demanding a $15 minimum wage—strikes that are bankrolled and organized by the SEIU. The research brief can be accessed here. The […]

  • Big Labor’s Expanding Battleground: Corporate Boardrooms

    Posted on Aug 27, 2013 by Team

    Big Labor is always trying to weasel its way into policymaking through backdoor channels. From pressuring Democrats into changing U.S. Senate rules to advance its chosen labor law arbiters to protesting for a potentially self-enriching higher minimum wage (despite the average private-sector union member earning more than three times the federal minimum wage), the modus operandi is always the same: […]

  • King Solomon’s Temple of Labor Law Comes Crashing Down

    Posted on Aug 23, 2013 by Team

    Following the repeated invalidation of President Obama’s National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), now another official at the NLRB finds the legal status of his appointment in question. Acting General Counsel Lafe Solomon had previously served as the NLRB’s “acting” general counsel prior to the recently un-appointed Richard Griffin, but a Federal District Court found his appointment violated the Federal Vacancies Reform Act (FVRA) of 1998. Solomon was […]

  • AFL-CIO Oops Moment

    Posted on Aug 13, 2013 by Team

    The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) union rejoined the AFL-CIO last week after an 8-year relationship with the Change to Win alliance. The organizations originally parted over disagreements in political spending, but it looks like some new disagreements are surfacing only a few days after their reunion. In an effort to bash their competitor Wal-Mart, the AFL-CIO recently championed WinCo as an […]

  • Text “FRONTGROUP” to …

    Posted on by Center for Union Facts

    We have noted before that labor unions are transitioning their organizing models from traditional regulated collective bargaining organizations—National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) unions—to pseudo-union groups like worker centers. While the AFL-CIO moves to admit non-union members like the Sierra Club, their rivals the SEIU have taken the workers center model on full-bore, seeding “Workers Organizing […]

  • Labor Unions Facing Mid-life ‘Crisis’

    Posted on Aug 08, 2013 by Team

    Most men who hit their mid-life crisis and begin to question self-worth would buy a new car or join the local bikers club, but not so for AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and his aging labor unions. Labor is consumed with an identity crisis amid the widely held public perception that in today’s world unions hold little value. In an effort to […]

  • Labor’s Nominees Confirmed to National Labor Relations Board

    Posted on Aug 01, 2013 by Team

    On Tuesday, July 31, the Senate voted to confirm President Obama’s five nominations to the National Labor Relations Board. The new members of the board are Nancy Schiffer, Kent Hirozawa, Philip Miscimarra, Harry Johnson III, and Mark Pearce. As part of a Senate compromise to avoid the “nuclear option,” or a suspension of the need […]