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Archive: Oct 2013

  • Detroit News Publishes CUF Op-Ed on the UAW’s Southern Strategy

    Posted on Oct 28, 2013 by Team

    The following op-ed was written by Richard Berman, executive director for the Center for Union Facts, and was published in The Detroit News online edition October 26, 2013, available here online. The UAW Heads South This Winter With Michigan becoming the 24th right-to-work state, the United Auto Workers union has now more than ever before been forced […]

  • Labor’s Potemkin Villages

    Posted on Oct 25, 2013 by J. Justin Wilson

    If you believe the headlines, I’ll forgive you for thinking that vast swaths of retail and restaurant employees are in the midst of engaging in general strike-sized demonstrations across the country. The trouble is that tracking down an actual walk out is next to impossible—trust us, we’ve tried. Instead, most reporters seem content to rehash union-trained spokes-workers complaints […]

  • UAW’s Southern Strategy May Break the Law

    Posted on Oct 21, 2013 by Team

    Since things started to go badly for Detroit’s Big Three automakers (in large part because of unsustainable union contract demands), the United Auto Workers (UAW) has sought to unionize foreign-based “transplant” auto plants. These plants are located in the generally pro-business, individualist, and right-to-work South, making unionizing them difficult. The UAW has tried repeatedly to […]

  • What One Teamsters Local Forgot to Mention…

    Posted on Oct 17, 2013 by Team

    Ordinarily, when an organization lists the ways in which it expends members’ dues, it starts by highlighting the good (half of them), transitions to mentioning while mitigating the bad, and concludes by apologizing and explaining the ugly – before then highlighting the other half of the good. Apparently, one Teamsters local didn’t get the memo. […]

  • U.S. News & World Report Publishes CUF Op-Ed on Worker Centers

    Posted on Oct 14, 2013 by Team

    The following op-ed was written by Richard Berman, executive director for the Center for Union Facts, and was published in U.S. News & World Report on October 14, 2013. The online version may be found here. Worker Centers: A Backdoor for Unions The way the country’s labor officials tell it, federal labor laws are insufficient for the 21st […]

  • Former California SEIU Big-Shot Sentenced to Federal Prison

    Posted on Oct 09, 2013 by Team

    We noted back in 2008 the lavish lifestyle of Tyrone Freeman, the then-president of SEIU’s second-largest local, based in Los Angeles, after reports emerged that he had directed tens of thousands of dollars from the union and a related non-profit to businesses operated by relatives and friends, and spent wildly at a Beverly Hills cigar club and […]

  • Big Labor’s Desperate Southern Strategy… and Tactics

    Posted on Oct 08, 2013 by Team

    Everyone who follows labor news at all knows that the single most troublesome region in the United States for organized labor is the South, or, what’s referred to in labor circles as the “Right to Work South.” So, as Detroit’s automakers—and Detroit City—have gone bust thanks in large part to union strong-arm tactics, the United Auto Workers (UAW) has launched massive unionization efforts at […]

  • “Good Jobs” Is an SEIU “Nation”

    Posted on Oct 04, 2013 by Team

    Our Executive Director took to The Washington Times op-ed page this week to call out a bit of Service Employees International Union (SEIU)-backed “shutdown theater” and the front group used to do it. He writes: On Wednesday, several dozen unionized workers assembled at the World War II Memorial in an effort to share the stage […]