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  • Manchester Union Leader Takes Notice of Card Check Intimidation on Labor Day

    Posted on Sep 02, 2008 by Granite Staters for Employee Freedom

    In Monday’s Manchester Union Leader, the editorial page has taken note of the Employee Free Choice Act, which they call an “Orwellian-named proposal [that] would actually remove free choice from the unionization decision.”  The writer cuts to the heart of the issue when he writes: The act would allow shops to unionize by “card check.” […]

  • Al Franken Porks Out, Ducks Questions About The EFCA

    Posted on Aug 13, 2008 by Minnesotans for Employee Freedom

    [youtube][/youtube] Last week at a huge agriculture get-together in MN known as Farmfest, Al Franken repeatedly ducked and dodged all questions about the Employee Free Choice Act. As recently as three weeks ago, Franken proudly proclaimed his support for EFCA, yet at Farmfest, he ducked the question twice. Franken had time to chow down on […]

  • Why so shy? Senator Landrieu dodging all spontaneous questions

    Posted on by Louisianians for Employee Freedom

    After seeing activists protest against her sponsorship of the Employee Free Choice Act, Senator Mary Landrieu has interestingly shunned all regular constituents from asking her questions.  Because of her high seat vulnerability, she and her advisers are dodging questions about the controversial card check issue at all costs. She avoids these EFCA activists like Pestilence. […]

  • Representative Shea-Porter can’t tell the difference between a town hall meeting and the workplace

    Posted on Jun 23, 2008 by Granite Staters for Employee Freedom

    [youtube][/youtube] In Stratham, New Hampshire this weekend, Representative Carol Shea-Porter was asked if she believes that workers have the right to a secret ballot on whether or not their workplace is unionized.  Her support for the EFCA and card check voting gives a pretty clear hint that she doesn’t.  Shea-Porter said this: … it would […]

  • New Hampshire’s Jeanne Shaheen Dodges the Question Once Again

    Posted on Jun 18, 2008 by Granite Staters for Employee Freedom

    Jeanne Shaheen continues to refuse to answer a very simple question: do workers have the right to a secret ballot when a labor organizer tries to unionize their shop?  It’s no surprise that she’s unable to give a straight answer as her position is, to most Americans, completely untenable. [youtube][/youtube]