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Jeff Merkley: Supporting the Right to a Private Ballot (Except for Working Men and Women)

There’s an interesting post about the Employee Free Choice Act on American Thinker that was just posted today.

In it, we are reminded that “According to Big Labor’s logic, employees can only have a “free choice” when union officials stand over them and pressure them to sign the cards.   Employees who have been subjected to card check union drives have complained they have signed the cards as a result of coercion and deceptive practices.”

Jeff Merkley is running on a platform of supposedly helping the working man but what help is it really going to be when he has promised to help pass this deceptively-named piece of legislation?

How can Jeff Merkley run for office in an election where his supporters will have anonymity and protection of privacy to vote for whomever they choose and yet still support an act that would strip workers of their rights to a private ballot in the workplace?

Jeff Merkley has been wrong about a lot of things this campaign season including the Employee Free Choice Act, his opponent, and the State of Georgia.

What Jeff Merkley really needs apparently, is more time to look into his support for an issue that strips workers of their rights when he supports those same rights for people voting for him. 

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