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Archive: Nov 2007

  • SEIU Told to Get Off the Bus

    Posted on Nov 30, 2007 by Bret Jacobson

    Not a good day for SEIU officials. The latest: Employees for a Chicago-based company that provides transportation services for the Kansas City, Mo., School District, rejected a bid for union representation late Thursday. Of the 348 votes, 183 Durham School Services employees voted to reject the Service Employees International Union Local 2000 in an election […]

  • What Kind of Professional “Works to Rule”?

    Posted on by Jon Berry

    The Naples (Florida) Daily News reports that the Collier County Education Association is having its teacher members “work to rule” in protest of the school district’s latest compensation offer. Under “work to rule,” as the Daily News writes, teachers “will come in at the contract-approved time and leave at the contract-approved time. Teachers won’t be […]

  • Meanwhile, In Other SEIU News …

    Posted on by Bret Jacobson

    You have to give SEIU officials credit: they are at least trying to strip their current members of the same democratic rights that they’re attacking for all working Americans. While SEIU officials spearhead the campaign to end secret ballot elections for employees deciding whether to join a union, they’re also trying to circumvent elections for […]

  • Are SEIU’s Internal Politics Killing Health Care Movement?

    Posted on by Bret Jacobson

    The most important item we’ve seen so far this morning comes from the Los Angeles Times, which is reporting that an internal SEIU struggle is blocking California health care change. Key bits: Many of the issues involved in the action have more to do with internal union politics about labor’s direction than with the healthcare […]

  • In The News …

    Posted on by Bret Jacobson

    Taking unions out of the workplace What the UFCW – And Congress – Don’t Know California Safeway workers threaten strike vote if talks fail Maryland spat between Democrats and unions continues Sen. John E. Sununu is complimented as an “independent leader who has stood up to the special interests” for opposing the Employee Free Choice […]

  • Lesson from UFT: It’s Okay to Distort Facts

    Posted on Nov 27, 2007 by Jon Berry

    United Federation of Teachers head Randi Weingarten had a headache-inducing piece in yesterday’s New York Sun, in which the teachers union leader complains that the New York City school district administration is unfairly going after teachers. Weingarten writes that “the city recently announced a new way to ‘get rid’ of teachers — an ominously named […]

  • 6,000 Vote with their Feet: Wal-Mart Better than Union

    Posted on Nov 26, 2007 by Bret Jacobson

    The unions would like everyone to believe that Wal-Mart is like Hell on Earth. Hell, it makes sense: they need to beat the company down so they can swoop in to “save” it by unionizing everyone up. Fine. But Peter from EmployerReport sends this around today: Hey WalMartWatch, watchout!  In Cleveland, the giant retailer was […]