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Archive: Jun 2007

  • Newark Teachers Union Threatens to “Smash Your F***ing Head in”

    Posted on Jun 29, 2007 by J. Justin Wilson

    As we continue to roll out our campaign to publicize the damage done by the Newark Teachers Union, we stopped by NTU headquarters today to pick up copies of their most recent tax documents. The IRS requires labor unions (and all other non-profits) to turn over their tax documents for “public inspection” upon request. And […]

  • Combining Card Check and Unfair Share

    Posted on by Bret Jacobson

    My home state of Oregon has completed its sale of workers’ rights to the Service Employees International Union. A weak Gov. Ted Kulongoski seeking re-election collected his prize in the lucrative support of SEIU and its government union allies heading into November. His payoff to SEIU was both swift and terrible for the rights of […]

  • Teamsters Boss Selling Out Solidarity?

    Posted on Jun 28, 2007 by Bret Jacobson

    A letter to the editor at the Modesto Bee has a troubling accusation: One of the most important rights of any Teamster is seniority. I had eight very loyal and dedicated years at Teamsters Local 386 and was laid off without any regard to seniority. The union secretary-treasurer has lost touch with the principles of […]

  • Not to Be-Labor the Point, But …

    Posted on by Bret Jacobson

    As we’ve pointed out recently, the endgame for Big Labor’s scheme to end secret ballots isn’t a failed Senate cloture vote on its disingenuous “Employee Free Choice Act” — it is a total victory after they elect a friendly president. Click here for a good list of quotes. Yesterday, AFL-CIO president John Sweeney offered the […]

  • EFCA: Two Things Worth Pondering

    Posted on Jun 27, 2007 by Bret Jacobson

    Over at EFCA Updates: We make two observations at this point. First, when labor’s allies immediately threaten all-out political war against United States Senators who disagree with them, is it hard to understand why some might be worried about union intimidation of an average worker who might not want to sign an authorization card? Second, […]

  • EFCA: Dems Doing Their Duty to Big Labor

    Posted on by Bret Jacobson

    The Wall Street Journal has a great editorial on yesterday’s Senate action: Democrats did their duty for the AFL-CIO yesterday, offering and then quickly losing a vote on the Senate floor to eliminate secret ballots for union organizing elections. Democrats could muster only a single Republican vote — Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania — and so […]

  • EFCA: 19 Months Out

    Posted on Jun 26, 2007 by Bret Jacobson

    We don’t know how to be much clearer about the matter: Despite failing to get their anti-democratic, anti-worker “Employee Free Choice Act” through a Senate cloture vote today, union bosses have to be pretty pleased with themselves. Why? Because the real fight isn’t about today – it’s about preparing the ground to pass the bill […]

  • EFCA: Fails Cloture Vote, 51-48

    Posted on by Bret Jacobson

    Today, the Senate failed to pass a procedural vote on EFCA, but the final count was a disturbing 51-48 — enough to pass if the Senate can’t hold a filibuster in the future. Union bosses have already announced that this is their top priority, and they are openly admitting this vote was preparation for a […]