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Archive: Jan 2010

  • Unions threaten to threaten primary challenges

    Posted on Jan 29, 2010 by J. Justin Wilson

    We saw this dilemma coming. Labor is frustrated with Democrats, but how should they channel their anger?  Stories about a Brave New World? Mass protests? Fist shaking? Democratic primary challenges (or just threatening primary challenges) are sounding better and better by the day.  They’ve even got a short list. The National Journal reports: “It’s not one […]

  • NY Governor on public sector unions: “They thumb their nose at the public’s face”

    Posted on by J. Justin Wilson

    Watching Governor Paterson try to fix New York State’s budget deficit is painful. Under extreme financial burdens, Paterson arrived in office with his hands already tied by financial guarantees. As he proposes ways to close the $7.5 billion budget gap, Paterson is becoming increasingly upset with public sector unions. The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle Reports: […]

  • While unions cheer new taxes, Oregon’s private sector will pay the price

    Posted on Jan 28, 2010 by J. Justin Wilson

    Oregon voters have approved a tax increase for the first time since 1931.  The SEIU had the following to say: “Aside from funding essential services, the vote also restored some fairness to the state’s tax structure. […] Oregon voters made a clear statement of their priorities: the government’s top job must be to preserve vital […]

  • AFL-CIO political director admits SCOTUS ruling helps

    Posted on by J. Justin Wilson

    In light of the Supreme Court ruling last week, labor leaders have been up in arms about how it opens the flood gates for corporate monies to flow unfettered into the political arena. But it is quite a bit more complex than that. On the one hand you have Secretary-Treasurer of the SEIU, Anna Burger, […]

  • SEIU-UHW dealt major blow by Kaiser Permanente employees in CA

    Posted on Jan 27, 2010 by J. Justin Wilson

    Despite the fact that not a single NUHW member is under contract, the upstart union has once again beat the SEIU-UHW in California.  The LA Times reports: “Kaiser Permanente healthcare workers throughout Southern California have voted overwhelmingly to quit the giant Service Employees International Union and join a smaller rival union, according to election results […]

  • Labor leaders, like dinosaurs, face extinction

    Posted on Jan 26, 2010 by J. Justin Wilson

    Following the news last week that labor unions are getting closer to extinction, a friend dropped me a note suggesting names for a few new dinosaurs. (I’m not saying this was my finest photoshop moment). Enjoy.

  • Labor tirade against Democrats intensifies

    Posted on by J. Justin Wilson

    At the Center for American Progress this week, SEIU President Andy Stern and Secretary-Treasurer Anna Burger couldn’t hold in their rage any longer with regards to the election last week in Massachusetts– and its long term implications for labor’s agenda. From the Huffington Post: Two of the most powerful union officials in the country lashed […]

  • NUHW calls out University of Maryland prof on “academic” letter

    Posted on Jan 25, 2010 by J. Justin Wilson

    The NUHW is furious after a letter began circulating among California health workers implying they would have “less favorable” benefits, i.e., lose benefits like health care if they left the SEIU, according to the Baltimore Sun. A professor at the University of Maryland, College Park is facing conflict-of- interest questions after he used university letterhead […]