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Archive: Jun 2019

  • ‘Sour Grapes’ As VW Workers Again Reject UAW

    Posted on Jun 15, 2019 by Team

    It’s the union that won’t take “NO” for an answer. Five years after workers at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga said “no thanks” to representation by the UAW, the beleaguered union was once again rejected this week. Shed a tear for the editors who had to scrap or rewrite pre-drafted editorials about labor’s new momentum […]

  • UAW Hits a New Low in Chattanooga

    Posted on Jun 04, 2019 by Team

    As workers at Tennessee’s Chattanooga Volkswagen plant prepare to vote next week on whether or not to join the UAW, the newly launched “Center for VW Facts” (sound familiar?) has set out to “bring transparency to VW.” A questionable goal, considering the group’s founder has a history of using dirty and dishonest tactics. The man […]