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  • Union Statistics Show a Tale of Two States

    Posted on Jan 29, 2016 by Team

    This post has been updated since its initial publication with 2015 data from Yesterday, the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics released its annual count of how many American employees are union members and what percentage of the workforce consists of union members. Overall union density remained constant at 11.1% of wage and salary employees, […]

  • SEIU’s Michigan Racket Implodes

    Posted on May 05, 2014 by Team

    SEIU Healthcare Michigan has a problem: Its membership tanked from 55,265 members in 2012 to 10,918 in 2013—a decline of 44,347 members. The cause? Pro-employee legislation passed in 2012 that gave employees the option of refraining from paying the SEIU dues without losing their jobs, and a separate measure that abolished Healthcare Michigan’s “dues skim” […]

  • Meet the Latest Union-Front Spokesperson: “WORKER”

    Posted on Feb 17, 2014 by Team

    Over the weekend, a union-backed coalition in Michigan made an elementary mistake. “RAISE Michigan,” a front group for a conglomerate of liberal groups, worker centers, and labor unions, put out a statement announcing the beginning of a campaign to raise the Michigan state minimum wage and betrayed an unspoken truth about the new labor movement. […]

  • Pseudo-Union Displays Labor’s Latest Tactics

    Posted on Apr 04, 2013 by Center for Union Facts

    The SEIU front group Fast Food Forward is holding its second “strike” in New York City. The strikers marching under the banner of this “workers center” — see our previous coverage of these unions-in-sheep’s-clothing here — chose to walk out today because 45 years ago, civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed in […]

  • Michigan Employees Now Have Right to Work

    Posted on Mar 29, 2013 by Center for Union Facts

    Yesterday, Michigan’s right-to-work law, which bans forced dues arrangements that lock non-members into funding a union they aren’t part of, took effect. New contracts will no longer require employees to pay a union they may never have had the chance to even vote on or be fired. As a Detroit News op-ed observed: Workers will […]

  • Michigan Unions’ All-Out Assault on Employee Rights

    Posted on Mar 21, 2013 by Center for Union Facts

    After a union-pushed proposal to forbid such a measure failed in a referendum, Michigan recently passed a right-to-work law granting employees the right to opt out of paying union dues and mandatory “agency fees.” Michigan’s law takes effect next week, which will make the longtime union spiritual home the 24th right-to-work state, and second in […]

  • Union Corruption Roundup

    Posted on Feb 12, 2013 by Center for Union Facts

    SEIU Healthcare Michigan Hit With ULP The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), now unanimously pro-union, found that SEIU Healthcare Michigan violated the rights of one of its own employees by not handing over files it is required to share. The Washington Free Beacon reports that the SEIU must post a notice that it was found to have […]

  • It’s Always Sunny In Right To Work States

    Posted on Feb 08, 2013 by Center for Union Facts

    Several states are right on Michigan’s heels as they push to become the 25th right-to-work state. Missouri may soon take the lead — Republicans have taken supermajority control in both houses and are looking to give workers the freedom to work without having to pay a union. They have also proposed a paycheck protection law. But any bill to accomplish right-to-work […]