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Commies endorse EFCA

In case there was any doubt that stripping workers of their right to a private ballot on the job is a dangerously radical infringement on democratic rights, the chair of the Communist Party USA Political Action Committee has come out in support of the legislation. She cites AFL-CIO Executive VP Arlene Holt Baker as saying:

This election cannot be only about John McCain’s failings. It must be about working people’s vision — our vision of a new direction for our country. A vision that includes universal health care, the elimination of poverty, good jobs and the passage of the Employee Free Choice Act … [W]e are going to spark a movement of those who are ready to make their voices heard in shaping the new America we must build together — and we are going collect our debt this November.

It’s ironic that a political organization that allegedly dedicates itself to standing up for workers is advocating for legislation to strip workers of one of their most basic rights.

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