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EFCA: Southern Florida AFL-CIO Litmus Test

The AFL-CIO branch in Southern Florida has made its endorsements for this political cycle and there are few surprises. What is disturbing to learn is the group’s #1 selection criteria: the deceptively-named Employee Free Choice Act.

Deborah Dion, the union’s political director, said the endorsements are made on the basis of issues, not party affiliations. The No. 1 litmus test: The Employee Free Choice Act, a bill in Congress that would make it easier for workers to unionize.

The Southern Florida AFL-CIO hints at the intimidation tactics they might use if EFCA is passed into law:

“If Joe tells the shop steward he’s going to send in an absentee ballot, the shop steward can follow up by going back to Joe if he doesn’t turn it in,” Dion said.

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