Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

Who is keeping Maine’s Representatives in the dark?

When are Maine’s Democratic candidates going to get it? The secret was let out on this site that the average Mainer opposes corrupt tactics also known as a “card-check” as a fair way to unionize at work. Ninety-two percent believe it is a worker’s right to have a private vote. Apparently, Maine’s Democratic candidates still haven’t heard the news.

Maine Representative Thomas Allen (D-1) and his partner-in-deception Rep. Michael Michaud (D-2) are just two of the co-sponsors of the misleading Employee Free Choice Act. This act strips employees of the traditional government supervised, private ballot vote and allows a simple majority to publicly sign a contract in support of a union. What about the other 49%? Allen and Michaud could care less.

Allen is now taking his anti-worker platform to the entire state of Maine as he runs for the US Senate. In his place as the Democratic candidate for Congress in the first district, Chellie Pingree promises not to let down the union bosses who continue to pour money into the state races. According to, “If Pingree were in Congress today she would be an ally” and support the Employee Free Choice Act.

These three are quick to point out their support for democracy on a wide range of issues. But when 36% of your total campaign contributions come from union PACs, as in the case of Tom Allen (Federal Election Comission, May 22, 2008) the will of the people is side stepped for the will for power in Washington, DC.

Do Tom Allen, Michael Michaud and Chellie Pingree believe a private ballot is the best way to elect them? Or would they support the first 51% of people in their districts to publicly sign a contract in support of their opponent in November? Or just maybe they will see the light and represent the people of Maine.

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