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Declaration of Dependence

Though Democrat Elwyn Tinklenberg just won the endorsement of the political insiders of the Independence Party in his run for Congress, he sure hasn’t shown any independence when it comes to the real issues facing Minnesota’s 6th Congressional district voters.

Take, for example, his position on the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA). Under EFCA, the right to a private-ballot election is taken away in favor of allowing a union organizer to enter a worker’s home to “ask” her to sign a card instead.  Gone is the ability of Minnesota workers to vote their consciences free of pressure and intimidation, despite the fact that 95% of us want to keep that right.

Look at this page from Mr. Tinklenberg’s website and you’ll understand why he’s so enthusiastic about EFCA: A laundry list of endorsements from Big Unions.  That means big money campaign contributions and workers for his campaign pouring into Minnesota.

Where is the independence from this old-fashioned Democrat special interest and their very liberal agenda?  If Tinklenberg is caving in to special interests before he even gets to Congress, we shudder to think what he’ll do once he gets there.

That’s a strange definition of independence.

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