Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

Great Analysis from a Great Economist

King Banaian, Professor of Economics at St. Cloud State University and Minnesotans for Employee Freedom Steering Committee member, penned this terrrific piece on EFCA.  Dr. Banaian, as a trained economist, has particularly keen insights about the harmful effect of EFCA.

One non-economic point he made stood out:

Coercion in voting should offend us all; we watch Zimbabwe this week where an opposition party that won a plurality of the votes in a primary has chosen to withdraw rather than risk violence against its supporters by the Mugabe government. But we hear very, very little about the legitimate threats made to workers — not violence, but getting workers fired so that you could pass a unionization effort — in order to support the L of DFL. That’s what the city council in Minneapolis did to those workers at the Hotel Ivy. Do they care?

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