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  • Micro-Unions Return to Gut Employee Rights

    Posted on Jul 29, 2014 by Team

    As part of their ongoing efforts to weasel their way into workplaces and curtail employee rights, labor unions have aggressively pursued the creation of “micro-units”—subdivisions of a workplace that a union can organize one-by-one. Since the Obama-stacked National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled in the precedent-eviscerating Specialty Healthcare case that micro-units were hunky-dory, it was […]

  • Media Matters Lawyers Up Against Its SEIU Allies

    Posted on Apr 17, 2014 by Team

    We’ve caught unions (like the SEIU and the NEA) battling hard against the unions of their unionized staff. Their left-wing “nonprofit” allies seem no different: Left-wing media critics Media Matters for America are lawyering up and heading to the National Labor Relations Board to demand a secret-ballot election rather than a card-check agreement with SEIU […]

  • Feds Continue Labor Favors

    Posted on Feb 07, 2014 by Team

    This week, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) — now legally constituted and still very union-friendly — reaffirmed its “quickie elections” rule. The original rule was thrown out by the D.C. Circuit Court because the Board lacked a proper quorum to make rules. After the Senate confirmed a full slate of members to the NLRB […]

  • The Government Shutdown’s Silver Lining?

    Posted on Oct 02, 2013 by Team

    We frequently joke that the best National Labor Relations Board would be no National Labor Relations Board at all. Well, due to the government shutdown, all but 11 out of the NLRB’s 1,611 employees have been furloughed and told to go home. Color us skeptical that this development will cause an end to labor relations. Since such […]

  • “Minority Unionism” Targets Employee Rights

    Posted on Sep 24, 2013 by Team

    Since the passage of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) in the 1930s, union collective bargaining in the United States has been governed on a series of principles to ensure employee freedom in choosing representatives. Employees have the right to privately vote (or sign cards) for their representatives to ensure that employers or unions don’t […]

  • NLRB Poster Rule Ripped Down by 4th Circuit Court

    Posted on Jun 20, 2013 by Team

    Last Friday, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals struck down the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) pro-unionization poster requirement, once again showcasing the NLRB’s tendency to act as a partial referee, rule-maker, and coach in disputes between business and labor. The Fourth Circuit’s decision followed the D.C. Circuit Court’s ruling last month that also invalidated […]

  • D.C. Circuit Rebukes NLRB Activism, Again

    Posted on May 08, 2013 by Center for Union Facts

    One of the Obama National Labor Relations Board’s payoffs to Big Labor bosses was a rule requiring that employers provide notice to employees of their rights to unionize. The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled yesterday that that requirement violated the National Labor Relations Act and the First Amendment, and struck it down. The posters […]

  • NLRB Heads Straight to SCOTUS to Pop Noel Canning

    Posted on Mar 13, 2013 by Center for Union Facts

    After President Barack Obama illegally declared that three National Labor Relations Board nominees were “recess appointed” while the Senate was not in recess, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia voided the appointments in a decision called Noel Canning. Rather than appealing to the full D.C. Circuit, the NLRB (with the Obama administration’s […]