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Dubious AFT Ally Hit With Fine for Beantown Shenanigans

crime money steal embezzle 2Last year, Randi Weingarten’s American Federation of Teachers (AFT) funded a shady political scheme to ensure that its man in Boston—Marty Walsh—won the city’s mayoral election.

To refresh, AFT national slipped $480,000 to a New Jersey-based PAC (recall, Boston is not in New Jersey) which then bought advertisements under the name “One Boston” to hide AFT’s involvement. The Boston Globe, hardly a right-wing outlet, condemned the shenanigans, declaring the moves “the campaign-finance equivalent of avoiding taxes by channeling one’s earnings through shell companies and stashing them in the Cayman Islands.”

It seems that Massachusetts’ campaign regulators agree, handing down a $30,000 fine to One Boston. (Pursuant to the settlement, One Boston denies wrongdoing.) While state regulators believe that settles the matter, Commonwealth Magazine notes that many questions remain outstanding:

It appears the AFT knew the $500,000 it gave One New Jersey was ticketed for Boston. The [Office of Campaign and Political Finance] settlement goes after the shell PAC, not the source of the PAC’s funds. Hutt, One Boston’s treasurer, and One New Jersey’s founders have never explained why an anti-Chris Christie New Jersey nonprofit took an interest in the Boston mayoral race.

As the case for school reform becomes so clear that liberal celebrities and prominent liberal lawyers come out in favor of it, expect the AFT and its teacher union allies to get continually more desperate to hide their tracks in trying to stop it.

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