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Reform Teacher Tenure, Says…Whoopi Goldberg?

The radical leadership of teacher unions like American Federation of Teachers (AFT) President Randi Weingarten are fighting a desperate rearguard action to protect the cushy status quo of de facto jobs-for-life for that fraction of incompetent teachers who (in the words of one union representative) “shouldn’t even be pumping gas.” Liberals and Democrats are asking their partisan allies ever more loudly to stop blocking meaningful reforms.

The latest to join a left-of-center chorus that includes Education Secretary Arne Duncan, commentator Matt Bai, and the Washington Post editors is Whoopi Goldberg, actress and host of “The View,” who made adamantly clear that while she wouldn’t abolish teacher unions or collective bargaining, tenure for bad teachers had to go.

That made teacher unionists angry. Like Randi, who has dedicated a significant portion of her career to whipping would-be reformist Democrats into line, radical teachers union supporters opened fire on Goldberg’s Twitter page. But Whoopi doubled down, posting the YouTube video below:

Whether you’re a liberal or conservative, Goldberg’s takeaway point that “Bad teachers should not be given the gift of teaching forever—badly!” is common sense. Unfortunately, Randi and the teacher unions oppose these common-sense reforms with millions of dollars in political cash, forcing reformers to go to court to fix the problems. When even union supporters are telling AFT and its fellow teacher unions that fixes to the tenure system are needed, how long can Randi and her radical allies continue their trench warfare against America’s schoolchildren?

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