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  • “Labor Day” means lost jobs for Mississippi

    Posted on Aug 25, 2008 by Mississippians for Employee Freedom

    Labor Day is almost here.  It’s a time to celebrate the hard working people of this country.  Ronnie Musgrove says he created jobs for Mississippi – but his schemes created failure and scandal. According to the Biloxi Sun-Herald executives with a company caught up in the failed Mississippi beef plant scandal pled guilty to giving […]

  • Udall Enters Debate Shielded by Union Members

    Posted on by Coloradans for Employee Freedom

    At a recent debate,  Senate candidate Mark Udall arrived to a flurry of activist activity.  Coloradans for Employee Freedom were there again, making sure that no one forgets that Udall is supporting the Employee Free Choice Act, which will remove the private ballot vote for union workers.  In the video, you will see Udall surrounded by men […]

  • “Winners” Announced in “Ten Worst Union-Protected Teachers Contest”

    Posted on Aug 22, 2008 by J. Justin Wilson

    The Center for Union Facts (CUF) has announced the “winners” of its “Ten Worst Union-Protected Teachers” contest, which the group launched in March 2008. The contest allowed anyone 13 and older to nominate the worst union-protected teachers in America through CUF’s website After receiving over 600 nominations, CUF has identified the ten worst and […]

  • Jeff Merkley – Dodging the Question….Again

    Posted on by Oregonians for Employee Freedom

    Jeff Merkley has become very good at the political two-step. Asked a question, he gives a response seemingly related to but not really answering the query. In the clip below, Mr. Merkley was approached and asked a question about the issues. Specifically, whether it was hypocritical for Mr. Merkley to accuse Senator Gordon Smith of […]

  • Jeff Merkley’s Democrat Supporters Acting Very Un-democratic

    Posted on by Oregonians for Employee Freedom

    At a recent rally of the Washington County Democrats, the Grim Reaper showed up to remind people that Jeff Merkley is killing democracy by supporting the deceptively-named Employee Free Choice Act. The Employee Free Choice Act is the big labor unions’ attempt to take away a worker’s right to a private ballot in the workplace. […]

  • Frivolous Democrat Complaint Tossed…Again

    Posted on Aug 21, 2008 by Minnesotans for Employee Freedom

    This week, Democrat attempts to stifle debate on EFCA were tossed out of court, and put back in the court of public opinion where they belong. King Banaian, Chairman of the Minnesotans for Employee Freedom Steering Committee, has this excellent post on the situation.  King was actually named in the petty, whining complaint by DFL […]

  • EFCA on Mainer’s radar

    Posted on by Mainers for Employee Freedom

    Despite the multiple attempts by Tom Allen to downplay his support for the Employee Free Choice Act, Mainers are getting a large dose of the facts in the bill. Somewhat unknown before the Employee Freedom Action Committee shed light on the issue, EFCA has now become a major issue this November. While Mainers for Employee […]

  • KY Governor, Labor Bosses Use Governor’s Mansion for Political Rally

    Posted on Aug 20, 2008 by Kentuckians for Employee Freedom

    Last Thursday, labor bosses from across the state joined Governor Steve Beshear, David Boswell (2nd Congressional District Candidate) and others to gear up for the fall elections. Beshear used this time and the state funded Governor’s Mansion to promote his idea of Kentucky’s future, which includes sending union-endorsed candidates like David Boswell and Bruce Lunsford […]