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Udall Enters Debate Shielded by Union Members

At a recent debate,  Senate candidate Mark Udall arrived to a flurry of activist activity.  Coloradans for Employee Freedom were there again, making sure that no one forgets that Udall is supporting the Employee Free Choice Act, which will remove the private ballot vote for union workers.  In the video, you will see Udall surrounded by men in yellow shirts that are providing security and escort.  These are union firefighters for Udall.  Just like the major unions, they know that Mark Udall will continue to support union interests, despite the fact that the vast majority of Coloradans are opposed to the removal of the private ballot from union elections, and in spite of the fact that unions provide a large percentage of Udall’s campaign donations. 

How can Udall continue to support this legislation?  Just ask the guys in yellow shirts…they know.


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