Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

“Labor Day” means lost jobs for Mississippi

Labor Day is almost here.  It’s a time to celebrate the hard working people of this country.  Ronnie Musgrove says he created jobs for Mississippi – but his schemes created failure and scandal.

According to the Biloxi Sun-Herald executives with a company caught up in the failed Mississippi beef plant scandal pled guilty to giving campaign contributions to Musgrove so he would support their project.  A project that crashed before it lifted off and cost Mississippi taxpayers more than $50 million and how many jobs?

Now Musgrove supports the bogus union backed “Employee Free Choice Act”.  This “card-check” method of unionizing takes away private ballots in the workplace and jeopardizes jobs. Workers’ rights and Mississippi’s status as one of 22 right-to-work states will be threatened under card check. Workers will be intimidated and scandals won’t be far behind.  Few believe automakers would have chosen Mississippi if we were a forced-union state.

For Ronnie Musgrove, Labor Day means following the orders of big labor and collecting campaign contributions, not honoring the American worker.

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