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Frivolous Democrat Complaint Tossed…Again

This week, Democrat attempts to stifle debate on EFCA were tossed out of court, and put back in the court of public opinion where they belong.

King Banaian, Chairman of the Minnesotans for Employee Freedom Steering Committee, has this excellent post on the situation.  King was actually named in the petty, whining complaint by DFL Party Chairman Brian Melendez, but is still willing to debate the subject at a time and place of Melendez’ choosing.

I am quite willing to still debate the analysis and facts of EFCA with Mr. Melendez at any place, at any time. I can come by the DFL booth at the State Fair, if he was of a mind to agree to that. I don’t expect he will, though, and you can draw your own unfavorable deduction from that.

I would like to hope Chairman Melendez will accept the offer.  In any case, Minnesotans for Employee Freedom will be keeping up the pressure for a real debate on the subject.  Stay tuned.  The fun is just beginning.

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