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New Research: Unions Behind Fast Food Strikes Peg Contracts to Minimum Wage Hikes

22154002_13751bd6eeToday, the Center for Union Facts released new research showing that many Service Employee International Union collective bargaining agreements link union-negotiated wages to federal and state minimum wages. This research coincides with today’s nationwide fast food strikes demanding a $15 minimum wage—strikes that are bankrolled and organized by the SEIU.

The research brief can be accessed here. The Center for Union Facts has also previously released research showing how other unions benefit from minimum wage hikes, as well.

“The ‘Fight for $15’ is actually a fight for higher union dues,” said J. Justin Wilson, Managing Director of the Center for Union Facts. “Some SEIU contracts are specifically written to increase union-negotiated wages when the applicable state or federal minimum wage rises. Higher union wages translates into higher union dues, which have plummeted amid historic union membership declines.”

Wilson concluded: “Despite the fact that SEIU’s members already make more than the minimum wage, the union is leading the charge today in the hopes of getting an automatic raise for their members and boosting the amount of money coming in to the union’s coffers from mandatory union dues.”

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