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SEIU-UHW dealt major blow by Kaiser Permanente employees in CA

Despite the fact that not a single NUHW member is under contract, the upstart union has once again beat the SEIU-UHW in California.  The LA Times reports:

“Kaiser Permanente healthcare workers throughout Southern California have voted overwhelmingly to quit the giant Service Employees International Union and join a smaller rival union, according to election results released today. The National Labor Relations Board, which tallied secret-ballot votes cast earlier this month, said that about 2,000 nurses and care professionals voted more than 6 to 1 in favor of ditching the SEIU and affiliating with the rival National Union of Healthcare Workers, a breakaway faction that is challenging the SEIU’s dominance.”

“The defeat is a major setback for SEIU, the largest hospital and healthcare workers union in California, with some 150,000 members. The SEIU is engaged in a fierce battle for workers’ allegiance with the emergent NUHW, headed by former SEIU leaders ousted a year ago in a bitter takeover. […]”

“A total of 746 nurses voted to join NUHW, according to the labor board, while 36 cast ballots to remain with SEIU. Healthcare professionals voted 189 to 29 to join NUHW, while psychiatric and social service workers favored NUHW 717 to 92, according to the labor board.”

After the results were released, the SEIU spokesman uttered some threatening remarks about the supposed mess the new NUHW-ites have gotten themselves into, saying they are now “at grave risk.” He neglected to mention that these medical professionals have been “at risk” the entire time–from the SEIU.

Image courtesy of Dave McIntosh.

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