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6,000 Vote with their Feet: Wal-Mart Better than Union

The unions would like everyone to believe that Wal-Mart is like Hell on Earth. Hell, it makes sense: they need to beat the company down so they can swoop in to “save” it by unionizing everyone up. Fine. But Peter from EmployerReport sends this around today:

Hey WalMartWatch, watchout!  In Cleveland, the giant retailer was recently bombarded by 6,000 applicants applying for just 300 jobs!  (It must be because the giant retailer is such a bad company to work for right, Joe Hansen?)

For the uninitiated, Wal-Mart Watch is a front group for SEIU officials and Wake Up Wal-Mart is the UFCW. Both unions have been sued in racketeering cases in recent weeks for the methods they employ in their anti-corporate campaigns.

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