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  • Firsthand View of French Strikes

    Posted on by Bret Jacobson

    I got into Paris around 6am local time on Sunday and was able to relax a bit during the day to take in the sites. I thought that there would be some visible impact after the big transportation strike, but it seems like its a distant memory already. Many French folks have claimed that although […]

  • Sticking With It To SEIU?

    Posted on by Bret Jacobson

    In New Hampshire, they’re wondering what they get for all the money they send to SEIU headquarters in Washington, D.C.: The SEA pays $1.6 million a year to be in the SEIU, according to the resolution passed to create the committee. At the same time, the resolution says, the SEIU’s 2005 split from the AFL-CIO […]

  • Don’t give thanks for trying to end workers’ secret ballots

    Posted on Nov 22, 2007 by Bret Jacobson

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. The folks from the Center for Union Facts wish you happy holidays. Unless you’re a union official trying to steal time-honored rights, in which case you should probably read our article in today’s Detroit News.

  • Who Yanked Meyerson’s Tailfeather?

    Posted on by Bret Jacobson

    Harold Meyerson has been called many things. In other news, Meyerson used his space in the Washington Post this morning to parrot the complaints of labor leaders angry at the National Labor Relations Board. Meyerson, always one to get his dander up for unions, echoed their gripes of an allegedly unfair board — whose recent […]

  • Hillary’s Uniform Support for Teachers Unions

    Posted on Nov 20, 2007 by Jon Berry

    The Associated Press reports that yesterday Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told an assemblage of Iowa teachers that paying them according to their performance “could be demeaning and discouraging.” Clinton also fretted about “who would decide” which teachers would receive merit bonuses. This is leadership? Paying teachers more for teaching well is a pretty clear […]

  • “When Union Militants Attack!”

    Posted on by Bret Jacobson

    John Powell has the story from Alabama: “…the employees attempted to return to their jobs Tuesday morning. Wise officials said Steelworkers union employees were being intimidated at the employee entrance to the plant by employees who are still on strike.” “Wise officials also reported, however, that a former employee, who was demonstrating in the picket […]