Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

Meanwhile, In Other SEIU News …

You have to give SEIU officials credit: they are at least trying to strip their current members of the same democratic rights that they’re attacking for all working Americans. While SEIU officials spearhead the campaign to end secret ballot elections for employees deciding whether to join a union, they’re also trying to circumvent elections for their own leaders in California. But there’s another angle to SEIU’s California dreaming: what about the workers they already represent?

There’s trouble in that area, too, according to Black Voice News, which reports:

But the majority of the employees that attended the event disagreed. Employees pointed the finger at the Union’s non responsiveness to union members’ complaints about the management at Caltrans abuse of the hiring and promotion process.

Also, employees were not happy that although state employees recently received a three percent pay raise, the Union countered with a 1.5 union fee increase taking away almost fifty percent of the wage increase. Many employees made reference to the union that represents the engineers which received a 7 percent increase pay half the union dues of SEIU. Still others wanted to understand why there is not enough union staff to address issues based the recent union fee increases and in an example were told union staff had been directed to Los Angeles to support illegal immigration marches and could not attend an employee’s hearing.

Many Black employees, and female employees at the event complained about the hiring and promotion practices being implemented by management and discussed the negative history of Caltrans management in the San Bernardino office toward Black employees. Some employees argued that many minorities and women have to leave this District and transfer to other Districts within Caltrans to receive promotion.

Anti-democratic for members and non-members alike. Undertones of racism. Hiking dues. All in a day for SEIU bosses.

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