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The Big Labor Bribe

The Obama administration defies the law to grant labor unions the Big Labor Bribe.

crime money steal embezzle 2President Obama has shown time and again he will stop at nothing to secure support for his signature healthcare reform, legal and ethical considerations be damned. First it was the Louisiana Purchase. Then it was the Cornhusker Kickback. And now, we learn that labor unions are getting a special payment too – the Big Labor Bribe.

That’s the news reported today that the Obama administration will seek regulations to exempt from a costly Obamacare tax “certain self-insured, self-administered” health insurance plans, aka, Taft-Hartley labor union plans. This back room deal comes only a couple months after the administration denied the AFL-CIO’s request for certain other privileges under the Affordable Care Act. But then again, when you spend hundreds of millions of dollars electing Obama and other national democrats, you expect to receive a favor in return – and this is it.

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