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“ACORN Has Let Me Down”

The New York Sun reports this morning that parents at the ACORN High School for Social Justice want the school’s principal fired, the school having received an “F” from the New York City school district. ACORN “helped establish the school,” but apparently it’s not helping kids learn; the Sun reports that “at last year’s graduation the valedictorian, Sharifa Noble, stood up and declared: ‘ACORN has let me down.'”

The Sun further reports that the valedictorian’s remark “prompted a chorus of boos aimed at the principal, Joseph Parker.” Reportedly feared for imposing a “prison mentality” on his teachers, the principal is also accused in a parent-authored report of referring to his administrators as “wardens.”

So what gets taught in ACORN’s school, anyway? The group takes a lot of money from the Service Employees International Union, so maybe there’s a class on how to sponge off of union members’ dues. Or on how to commit “the worst case of voter-registration fraud in the history of the state of Washington.” Or on how to assault the police.

(HT: NYC Educator)

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