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Allegations of Discrimination, Harassment, and Intimidation Plague LA-Based SEIU Locals

The Center for Union Facts has released a new report outlining a series of lawsuits that allege workplace harassment, discrimination,racism, and retaliation among leadership at LA-based SEIU Locals. The report is the latest in an ongoing national campaign to educate the public on the many controversies surrounding the SEIU.

Some of the shocking cases include allegations of preferential treatment for male employees, humiliation and intimidation of female employees by male colleagues and superiors, and a culture of intimidation and humiliation.

The report outlines seven lawsuits involving Local 121RN, Local 721, Local 1000, Local 2015, and Local 99.  Highlights include: 

  • The wife of a former SEIU Local 121RN employee claimed the union “orchestrated a campaign of instilling fear and terror within all employees.” Her husband “apparently succumbed to his disabilities and suffered a heart attack on the job due to the work-related stress and hostile work environment.”
  • An employee at SEIU Local 2015 claimed her supervisor gave “preferential treatment to male employees.” After she reported this disparate treatment, she claimed her treatment worsened. She even alleged other female employees were kicked out of meetings. She was eventually terminated. 
  • A SEIU Local 721 employee tried to warn the legal department about a backlog of member grievance cases and believed he was retaliated against for being a whistleblower. He claimed he was fired shortly after asking for a report on cases that he believed the union was closing without appropriate investigations. This case went to a jury trial, and it was determined that the union engaged in whistleblower and disability retaliation. The union had to pay over $6 million in damages. 

The SEIU claims to protect workers’ rights, but employees at these LA-based locals have a very different take on the union’s reputation. It’s time for the SEIU to be held accountable.

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