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SEIU Affiliate Workers United Defends Terrorism

Workers United – an affiliate of the SEIU – seems to have found a new cause to rally around and it has little to do with organizing baristas. 

In the wake of recent attacks on Israel by Hamas terrorists, Starbucks Workers United and its organizers have taken to X – formerly known as Twitter – to express their defense of the attacks. The union’s social media accounts spanning from Boston to Chicago have focused on denouncing Israel and defending acts of terrorism.

The lead organizer for Starbucks Workers United, Jaz Brisack, expressed her fealty towards “Palestine” after the terrorist attack.

Meanwhile, Starbucks Workers United Greektown, Chicago, posted a video of the SEIU Connecticut Executive Director – Kooper Caraway –  giving an impassioned speech in which he denounced media referring to the attacks as being carried out by “terrorists” and said the people of Gaza are actually “comrades.”

The controversy at Starbucks Workers United began when the group’s main account posted a supporting message on a Hamas propaganda image breaking through a Gaza Strip fence. The post has since been deleted. 

Defense of the despicable terrorist plot didn’t stop there. Kyle Trainor, an organizing member of Starbucks Workers United posted in defense of the attacks. 

After days of pressure, Boston Starbucks Workers United appeared to have caved to criticism and posted a message about Hamas committing human rights violations. This was short lived and deleted after a Hamas supporter responded by posting a chant that praised the terrorist group.

The media pressure surrounding the union’s anti-Israel sentiments was so intense that Starbucks itself was forced to comment. The company noted that “members of ‘Starbucks Workers United’ do not speak for Starbucks Coffee Company and do not represent the company’s views, positions or beliefs.” The company directed the public to “reach out directly to Workers United International President Lynne Fox and SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry to share your concerns.”



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