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Ed Mooney: CWA President Material?

A recent report from the Emergency Mutual Respect Committee, composed of nine Communications Workers of America (CWA) officers, contained serious allegations about Ed Mooney, a candidate to replace Chris Shelton as CWA president.

Based on the testimony of several witnesses, the committee accused Ed Mooney of creating a culture of intimidation, verbally abusing staff and colleagues, and even encouraging violence towards union members.

According to the report, Mooney allegedly did the the following:

  • Called a gay witness a “c**ksucking f****t,” and referred to women in the CWA as “c*nts.” 
  • Other witnesses reported Mooney making racist comments, such as one Korean-American elected official who Mooney allegedly told “well of course you are a crazy progressive. Aren’t all your people communists?” 
  • In one instance, Mooney reportedly mocked a disabled staff member by walking around with an exaggerated limp in front of other CWA members. 

All of this comes on top of numerous reported anecdotes of Mooney cursing at and verbally abusing staff members. Perhaps most concerning, however, are allegations that Ed Mooney encouraged and threatened physical violence to settle disputes. 

  • One former employee reported that Mooney told a local officer in a serious tone to “take her (the employee) out back and shoot her in the head.” 
  • Another witness alleged that Mooney told a staff member he wanted to execute her. 
  • Multiple witnesses reported Mooney telling a female staffer “I’ve never hit a woman BEFORE,” with the witnesses interpreting the emphasis on “before” as having the connotation that such a thing may indeed happen. 
  • Another witness told the committee that Mooney threatened to punch a member of his staff in the face if she used a space heater again in the office.

The report concludes with the signed statement: “based on our own understanding of the role and responsibility of elected union leaders, it is our opinion that VP Mooney has violated the oath of office.”

You can read the report for yourself here.

Is this what the CWA considers presidential behavior? This month, CWA members will have a chance to decide that for themselves.

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