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#MeTooSEIU Campaign Highlights Union’s “Frat Boy Culture,” Hypocrisy On Sexual Harassment 

Today, the Center for Union Facts launched its #MeTooSEIU campaign to hold the Service Employees International Union and its political allies accountable for sexual harassment allegations against union leaders.

The national education campaign highlights sworn testimony, legal documents, and interviews from current and former SEIU employees that describe a culture “plagued by sexual misconduct scandals.” Employees claim SEIU President Mary Kay Henry knew about many of the accusations, and did little to intervene.

In addition to a newly launched website, the campaign features a 30-second video ad which will run on CNN during tonight’s Democratic debate. The campaign will also ask viewers to sign a petition to “stand against bad behavior by SEIU officials.”

#MeTooSEIU sheds light on the hypocrisy of a union that has criticized other employers for sexual misconduct, while failing to address this behavior within the union to the satisfaction of victims. It also aims to ensure the public as well as politicians at the federal, state, and local level are aware of the allegations against the union and are committed to holding the SEIU accountable.

Many of our political leaders were quick to hold Harvey Weinstein and other #MeToo offenders accountable. But not all predators are found in Hollywood. The SEIU’s political power is no excuse for turning a blind eye to allegations against union leaders.

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