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CUF Launches New Billboards in Campaign Exposing UAW Corruption

Last week, the National Labor Relations Board dismissed the United Auto Workers’ petition requesting a vote to unionize at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, TN. Just hours after the NLRB gave its decision, the UAW filed a new petition with the board.

But a new petition won’t fix the union’s bad reputation—the reality of which the Center for Union Facts continues to highlight for the public. CUF’s ongoing national campaign to hold the UAW accountable for its “culture of corruption” now features a series of updated digital billboards in Chattanooga that highlight the UAW’s many broken promises to workers.

UAW Promise: Better Work Schedules. Reality: Forced Overtime.

UAW Promise: Prioritize Union Workers. Reality: Union Leaders Guilty of Corruption.

UAW Promise: Protect Members “Forever.” Reality: Thousands of Lost Auto Jobs.

UAW Promise: Respect for all Workers. Reality: Accusations of Discrimination and Abuse.

The UAW has been scraping the bottom of the barrel in an attempt to fight these and other facts. A recent opinion piece in the Tennessean even launched personal attacks at longtime Ford employee Terry Bowman for speaking his mind about the UAW’s corrupt actions.

Some additional food for thought that’s not featured on these billboards: According to the UAW’s political spending in the last election cycle, over 99 percent of the union’s candidate-specific giving went to the Democratic Party.

Given the UAW’s track record, it seems members can expect at least part of their union dues to go to either liberal politicians, or—even worse—into the pockets of union officials. Workers like Bowman are right to ask themselves if that’s really how they want their hard-earned dues to be spent.

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