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Washington Examiner: Congress Should Pass ERA

The Washington Examiner recently published an editorial in defense of workplace freedom, which the Supreme Court will take up this week with the Janus v. AFSCME case. The Court is expected to effectively prohibit public-sector unions from compelling employees to pay dues or fees to the union. A pro-employee ruling would strip public-sector union bosses of the involuntary dues they need to fund their left-wing political agenda.

Not only did the editorial board argue that union membership “should not be forced”—which it shouldn’t—but it also voiced support for the Employee Rights Act (ERA) as a tool to hold private-sector union bosses accountable. In their words:

“Whatever the court decides, Congress can build on it to make 2018 a true year of worker freedom. The federal Employee Rights Act would extend new freedoms to private-sector workers by requiring periodic workplace votes to re-certify their unions.”

You can read the editorial here.

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