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CIW Breaks Bread With Socialist Political Group

If you are the company you keep, then consider the latest associates of the worker center known as the Coalition of Immokalee Workers. Yesterday, CIW took part in a meeting hosted by the Tampa chapter of Democratic Socialists of America. DSA advocates “democratic socialism” in America and wants to overthrow our free-market economic system—even putting out a video that scoffs at the fact that capitalism allows us to have 200 kinds of cars. DSA accommodates communists, while one of its student chapters recently made the news for endorsing violence.

Let’s consider what DSA—and perhaps CIW—would prefer with socialism. Look no further than socialist Venezuela. They don’t have 200 kinds of cars. They don’t even have food, with people resorting to eating pets and zoo animals following recent economic turmoil. What a workers’ paradise.

CIW claims to speak for low-income agricultural workers in south Florida, but which is better for these workers: A free-market system that allows them to move up, or a socialist system that makes sure everyone is equal—equally poor, that is?

No system is “perfect,” CIW’s socialist friend allows. But if socialism was so great, people wouldn’t flee it to pick tomatoes in Florida.

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