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Teachers Union Fights for Convicted Child Molester

This summer, Rose City Michigan math teacher Neal Erickson was convicted of raping a young student over a three year period. He was sentenced to 15 to 30 years in prison. You’d think that would be enough to convince his union to stand down, but you’d be wrong. reports that the Michigan Education Association is fighting to secure Erickson’s $10,000 severance payment. EAGNews reports:

“When the first payment was sent out … and the union discovered we did not make the payment to Mr. Erickson, they filed a grievance on his behalf.”

Cwayna said he was the one who decided not to authorize the special severance for the child molester, but declined to elaborate on why, though the reason seems pretty obvious.

“That was something I as superintendent, with some consultation with the president of the board,” decided, Cwayna said. “That was a decision the superintendent makes and at this point … I prefer not to get into the reasons.”

MEA UniServ Director Ron Parkinson acknowledged that the union is taking the case to arbitration on behalf of Erickson, but declined to discuss the case further.

“We don’t make a practice of discussing any case. It’s based on contractual compliance, and that’s really all I can say,” Parkinson told EAGnews Friday. “We filed for arbitration today.”


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