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AFL-CIO wants Federal Government to Bail Out Detroit

crime money steal embezzle 2The United States is $16.7 trillion in debt and the total state debt of Michigan is $124.5 billion, yet Richard Trumka and the members of the AFL-CIO executive board want Michigan and Federal taxpayers to bail out Detroit. According to The Hill:

The executive council of the AFL-CIO, the nation’s largest labor federation, called for an “immediate infusion of federal assistance for Detroit” to be matched by Michigan, which they say has not done enough to keep the city from going through bankruptcy.

 “Bankruptcy must not be used as a tool to impoverish city of Detroit workers or retirees. City workers have already made severe concessions to keep the city afloat,” the executive council said in a statement. “They are not to blame for Detroit’s financial problems, yet they have been making sacrifices all along the way to help the city out.”

The unfunded liabilities created by the outlandish demands of organized labor leaders are directly responsible for the fall of Detroit. Now that the city has to face the music, the successors of those very leaders want the American taxpayer to fund the unions’ reckless spending. Richard Trumka and the AFL-CIO don’t care about pensions, Detroit, or irresponsible spending; they only seek to maintain their power and dues-paying membership base in the city.

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