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Michigan Right To Work at The Daily Caller

Rick Berman weighs in on Michigan’s right-to-work legislation:

This has been the year of personal freedom. In 2012, voters across the country consistently reaffirmed their desire to see individual choice trump institutional power. In November, Michigan voters rejected the enshrinement of collective bargaining in the state’s constitution. In Colorado and Washington, they demanded the right to decide for themselves about marijuana use. In other states, the people demanded the right to define marriage for themselves apart from religious doctrine or the authority of the state.

Given these events, it’s no surprise that even in an organized labor-stronghold like Michigan, the people, through their representatives, demanded that they be able to choose their own destiny in the workplace. They don’t want to be forced into unions that may no longer represent their best interests on the shop floor, at the negotiating table, or at the ballot box. Michigan’s right-to-work law is yet another victory in a year of triumphs for individual freedom.

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