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Why is the SEIU Anti-Worker?

Time for a little union mythbusting. This comes from California and the never-ending war between the SEIU and the National Union of Healthcare Workers:

I am sitting at a table in the Summit Hospital cafeteria in Oakland, California. Beverly Griffith, a spirited African-American grandparent who worked for 32 years in the Summit EVS (Housekeeping) department, taps my arm. “See that security guard at the table? He’s watching us. SEIU gets Security to follow me.”

I think to myself. How many grandmothers are security risks? So I ask: “Why would anyone follow you?”

“It’s harassment,” she insists. “I’m involved in the NUHW campaign to decertify SEIU. The election between these two unions takes place January 19th. Both management and SEIU are working together to make employees who converse with me feel uncomfortable.”

Follow the link and read the full article — it turns out Griffith isn’t the only employee who thinks she’s being watched. It’s also not the first time the SEIU has used thuggish tactics against the NUHW. So much for the SEIU being anti-corporate and defending the dignity of the common worker. At the end of the day, America’s number-one union is only looking out for number one.

Image courtesy of D.Clow – Maryland.

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