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New Jersey, Old Problem with the NJEA

The New Jersey Education Association is rolling in it, and Governor Christ Christie is mad. From the Star-Ledger:

A more detailed accounting of NJEA spending is hard to pin down. Unlike most unions, the NJEA actually is a state association and not required to file annual expense reports with the U.S. Labor Department, say federal officials. Wollmer has rejected calls by Christie for the association to open its books, saying it is not public and it files all required financial disclosures. He did, however, provide current salary numbers when requested.

Wollmer added that the governor was being selective with his facts. He said Giordano’s salary is not the figure reported on the association’s 2007 tax form. When Wollmer took on the job of executive director in 2007, he was paid $270,000 but also was owed unused compensatory time and deferred pay under his previous contract. He will receive $300,000 this year, not including benefits. “I don’t think our management is overpaid,” Wollmer said. “It’s a 24/7 job. There are meetings every night. It’s incessant. I can make the case that Vince is underpaid.”

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