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NLRB nominee Craig Becker promises to be “practical” and not scholarly?

Yesterday’s hearing on NLRB nominee Craig Becker was dramatic, contentious fodder for blogs and commentary. The vote is expected on Thursday. Here’s a round-up of some of the best quotes and information:

From the Examiner: “Senate rushing to do favors for Big Labor before Brown is seated”

“Becker would be the first union-employed lawyer to be confirmed by the Senate to the NLRB and is very cozy with and has received many paychecks from big politically active unions like the SEIU and AFL-CIO.”

“Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) repeated a portion of the pledge members of the NRLB must take forbidding participation for two years in any matter in which a former employer is a party. He asked Becker if he would recuse himself from any cases coming before the Board involving Becker’s most recent employer, SEIU. Becker replied, “I will abide, Senator McCain, with the terms of that pledge scrupulously, and as I indicated, if any other matters come up outside of the scope of that pledge where any party might think that I might not be impartial, I will consider the matter…. and if necessary recuse myself from those cases.” McCain told Becker, “That’s not good enough.”

From Bloomberg: “Union Lawyer Becker Says He Will Be ‘Practical’ on Labor Board”

“If confirmed, my decisions, unlike the views of a scholar, will have practical, concrete and important consequences,” he told members of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension Committee. […] McCain, who blocked Becker’s nomination last year, said in an interview he may do so again this year.”

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