Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

If health care is Obama’s Waterloo, Andy Stern is Gebhard von Blücher & the Duke of Wellington

SEIU’s president Andy Stern spent Friday gazing into the dying embers of his vision of how “pay to play” is supposed to work.  See, when the SEIU contributed at the very least $60 million to Obama’s campaign, not only did Stern feel like that should be enough of a deposit to get the Employee Free Forced Choice Act passed in a timely manner, he felt like it would be plenty to get health care passed as well. No hiccups, no pausing, full speed ahead.The union-political complex should function like a well oiled machine.

But EFCA was mired in controversy from the get-go, from card check to binding arbitration. (For some reason, Americans cherish freedom and democracy.  Go figure.)

Then health care legislation comes along, with all sorts of goodies written in for unions, like bailouts to the tune of millions for their failing pension funds, and the fact that literally millions of Americans might soon find themselves suddenly eligible to be unionized if it passes.  But the end of the year is approaching and Andy Stern is getting anxious again.

On ABC Friday, Stern shared the following:

Regarding the union agenda: “We’re missing kinds of other deadlines.”

Regarding the health care legislation: “The Senate better act or it will be Obama’s Waterloo.”

Obama’s Waterloo? Stern is not the only one saying that.  But with a less-than-opaque union agenda surrounding the health care legislation and more people picking up on exactly the role Andy Stern would like unions to play in the future of employment, policy, and health care in the United States, Andy Stern may be the one who seals the deal on it’s fate.

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