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Where is ACORN’s Union?

I’m beginning to lose track of how many employees ACORN has fired since news broke that the embattled community organizing group was willing to offer advice on running an underage prostitution ring.

The questions in my mind are: What about their union? Where is the SEIU? Shouldn’t SEIU’s lawyers be burning the midnight oil writing Unfair Labor Practices for such capricious firings? Where was the hearing? What about the grievance procedure? Was their shop steward notified?

Oh, wait, that’s right. ACORN busted the last union that tried to organize its employees.

Our friends at the Employment Policies Institute have a handy website called “Rotten Acorn,” which details, among other things, ACORN’s history of union busting:

When employees of Rathke’s SEIU Local 100 wanted to organize themselves into a union, Rathke relied on his wife and brother to plot out an aggressive (and hypocritical) union-avoidance strategy. One former employee reported that after employees provided Rathke with a petition demanding union recognition:

Rathke quickly called a meeting of ACORN’s inner circle, which included his wife, Beth Butler, head organizer of Louisiana ACORN, and Rathke’s brother Dale, who is the financial guru of the outfit. The troika devised a variety of tactics, such as can be expected from any union-busting corporation, to divide and destroy our solidarity.

In 2003, the National Labor Relations Board would find that ACORN management was guilty of using union-busting tactics against its employees.

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